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Let our intelligent intruder alarm systems help keep your organisation safe and secure…

From a single door contact to a multi zone system spanning several locations we will design a system around your requirements and exceed your expectations.

The constant threat of intruders which can lead to criminal damage and/or theft is an ever increasing risk to organisations throughout the UK.

Our commercial intruder alarm systems are specifically designed and installed to the highest standards to provide protection for both high and low risk organisations including offices, storage units, warehouses, shops, cash rooms and schools.

From a single door contact to a comprehensive multi zone system, we will design a system around your requirements combining proven techniques with leading edge technology fully compliant to the latest British and European standards.

By using our remotely monitored intruder alarm systems you will benefit from one of the most advanced and highly developed monitoring centres in the country complying with all current British and European Standards and Police force policies giving you a completely dependable and feature rich intruder alarm system.

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If you would like to find out more about the Intruder Alarm Systems we can offer you, you can email us here or contact us on 084420 84422 where we will be happy to assist you.

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