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Commercial Intercom System

Our commercial intercom system can give you the freedom to control visitors to your premises by visually and/or audibly identifying callers as they arrive.

With the ever increasing threat of incidents in the workplace, it’s now more essential than ever to monitor and grant access to authorised visitors as well as allowing quick and smooth entry to personnel in and out of the workplace. Our commercial intercom system will allow you to have full control over who is granted access to your building and when.

Clarions commercial intercom systems are installed at most entry points or in strategic areas of commercial establishments. Employees can communicate efficiently over large areas making business operations much simpler. For example, you can use the same intercom system to allow people in to your building, whether you’re one meter away from the entrance point in question or are 30 floors up. The quality of audio will not be compromised.

Our commercial intercom systems range from a single call point to an enterprise wide IP based solution using existing or new network infrastructures. Our vast array of solutions can accommodate virtually any application regardless of size or location.

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