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The intelligent nature of our visitor management systems allows organisations to create a professional and corporate environment for your facilit

Our software is the main application for processing visitors, including record creation, badge printing, inductions, check-in and check-out, among other features. The solution improves security by enabling organisations to identify exactly who is in their facilities, while enhancing the professionalism of an organisation by streamlining the visitor check-in process and providing high quality visitor badges.

The system allows reception or administration teams to handle the details of visitors prior to their arrival. Easily add details to the system, their expected arrival time and print off ID passes prior to arrival. This is particularly useful for organisations that hold large conferences and events within their organisation, or premises that experience a high turnover of visitors.

Our visitor management software can be used to understand who is on your site in real time, if an emergency occurs, easily and quickly print of a roll call report. With the health and safety at the forefront of many organisations thinking, this is a quick and accurate way to gather visitor data for head counts and such.

Unlike traditional visitor signing in books, our software allows your organisation to keep the details of visitors private and confidential. No longer will visitors be able to see the details of previous visitors, perfect for data sensitive sites.

Clarions visitor management software ensures that your corporate image and branding is portrayed across all of your visitor ID badges, easily ensure that your branding guidelines are adhered to and portray a professional service to your visitors.



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