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All of our Intruder Control Panels are carefully selected depending on the needs of your organisation…

Ensuring your organisation is protected to the best standard has never been more important, with one burglary occurring every minute in the UK alone, it’s time to start thinking smart about your commercial intruder alarm protection.

Intruder control panels are at the heart of any burglar alarm systems and are picked based on the risk posed to your organisation. We source all of our intruder control panels from reputable, trusted suppliers with whom we have worked closely with over a number of years.

There are hundreds of intruder control panels that are available on today’s market but type of panel you require, can depend on a number of factors, from the size of your organisation, the location and even nature of your operations.

All of our intruder control panels comply with the current intruder alarm standards and are intelligent in nature. They offer a futureproof scalable solution, allowing you to control and secure up to hundreds of zones, whilst having the option for wired and wireless intrusion detectors to work alongside the panel, meaning it can easily be integrated and installed within your organisation.

With an intruder alarm system designed and installed by Clarion, you can have the confidence your organisation is protected and will quickly detect an intruder.

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