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See the whole picture with a HD CCTV system from Clarion Security Systems

We believe that powerful HD CCTV systems don’t have to be complicated, that’s why our HD CCTV Systems are sophisticated but simple. They provide a way of being able to view High Definition (HD) CCTV recordings over an IP based local or wide area network. All recordings and analytics (real-time analysis of video for immediate detection and action of events of interest) are passed through as a digitised signal and transferred to either a computer or server and are stored ready to be reviewed at any point should you require it.

HD CCTV systems can be viewed and reviewed remotely when you require. Dependant on the level of analysis you require on your recordings, HD CCTV systems can allow you to monitor and review specific times, events, alarms and/or actions and also control pan, tilt and zoom cameras (camera dependant) customisable to your organisational needs. More modern systems such as those installed by Clarion, have audit capabilities to enable you to manage and control the above using the system.

IP based CCTV is fast becoming a popular choice for many different sectors where CCTV cameras and software can be integrated with existing computer networks or are even able to run stand alone on their own IP infrastructure. Our HD CCTV system software offers a range of flexible and scalable solutions to drastically improve the quality of CCTV recordings, imagery and usability.

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