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Door intercom systems are perfect for those operating in a commercial environment where visitors are expectant throughout the day

We specialise in door intercom systems for a variety of businesses, housing associations, warehouses and many commercial establishments. With our experience spanning over nearly two decades, we design, supply, install and maintain all types of door intercom systems to satisfy any security needs.

Whether you require an IP based intercom system over multiple sites or a door intercom system for a small office block, you can be assured our team will deliver the best solution for your premises. There are various types of door intercom systems available on today’s market depending on the security needs of your organisation and your existing IT infrastructure.

Video Door Intercom Systems

A video intercom device forms part of a system that allows visitors to make communication at an entrance point, be it a front door, vehicle barrier or gate. Upon communication from the visitor, the door entry release handset will present a video image of the visitor on the internal video entry phone, giving you the option to grant or deny access. Video door intercom systems add extra security to your premises, allowing you to view the visitors before entry is granted and giving you full control over visitor access when you require it.

Audio Door Intercom systems

Audio intercoms usually consist of an external call point at an entrance and an internal door entry phone which allows visitors and staff to communicate clearly. Audio intercoms can also be set up to open a gate, doors or barrier directly from the handset itself. Dependant on the type of intercom installed, messages can be left if the correspondent isn’t available or the audio intercom can transfer intercom calls to an external line, should your needs require it. This functionality is available on both video door intercoms and audio door intercoms.

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