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Access Control Integration

With businesses using many different building and software systems, integration with access control software has never been more important for the day to day running of your company.

Access Control Integration makes it possible for an ID card or security token to be used for so much more than just accessing doors, barriers and buildings. Integration of your existing systems with Access Control gives you unparalleled control and functionality of all your systems in one place, ensuring a quality, futureproof investment protection for your organisation.

Access control integration gives you more control at the door through a security token such as a fob or ID card. In an integrated security system, the security token can do so much more than just enable and restrict access around your site. The access control ID token is the key to opening your world to the options available with access control integration.

Our access control software can integrate directly with your existing in house systems to provide a fully integrated solution capable of automating many processes. Many security systems such as CCTV security systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms and visitor management systems are capable of being integrated with our access control solutions. We can also integrate with print management software, PC reservation systems, traffic barriers and vending machines – in fact almost any in house system at all.

Access control integration makes your life easier and streamlines your work processes – one ID card/token to control everything on your site.

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