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We can supply you with a whole host of access control hardware from lock mechanisms, to proximity readers to ID cards alongside your access control solution

Without the right access control hardware, your solution is likely to be compromised, that’s why as part of your system design, we offer various access control hardware, ranging from locking mechanisms and readers that will suit your premises and resolve your issues. All of our access control solutions are designed specifically to the security needs of your site, be it a school, hospital, offices or a warehouse etc.

Locking Mechanisms
We can offer a range of various locks to suit your sites access control requirements and needs. The security risks of your premises will be taken into account in order to determine the right lock for your specific circumstances. Our technical sales team will produce a solution that will combine a number of different locks to ensure you get the best from your access control solution. The locks can range from magnetic locks for basic security needs, to shearlocks for medium needs to solenoid locks for those premises looking for the highest form of lock mechanism on the market.

Proximity Card Readers
Proximity card readers are available in a number of options from a simple internal reader to an external weather and vandal resistant long range reader. with flexibility to meet your organisational needs and design requirements. They are suitable for internal and external installation, have a visual indication of card access status at all times and they allow connection to all standard access control panels.

ID Cards and Fobs

Access control systems that have electronic lock mechanisms need to have some form of security token to enable access control throughout your premises. These can come in various shapes and sizes, such as keycards / smartcards, ID card and key fobs.

We will supply the type of security token we know will work the best alongside your needs and requirements. Different ID cards or fobs will be considered depending on the type and level of access control security you require.

Dependant on the nature of your organisation, the use of ID cards or key fobs may not be suitable or provide the level of security you need. Where a high level of security is required, biometrics provides an enhanced level of security usually alongside proximity cards/tokens.

Biometric readers are the most accurate way to identify people accessing your premises. They operate through various means such as finger print technology, hand geometry or even through recognition of the iris. Hand geometry and iris recognition are likely to be used in environments that require the highest security possible.

If you would like to find out more about the solutions we can offer you, you can contact us here, email us here or contact us on 08442084422 where we will be happy to assist you.

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If you would like to find out more about the Access Control solutions we can offer you, you can email us here or contact us on 084420 84422 where we will be happy to assist you.

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