Clarion Security Systems


Clarion responds to customer requirements by providing solutions which address important and often unique customer needs.


In order to deliver a solid security proposal to all clients and potential clients, Clarion will carry out a free site survey by a technically competent member of the team. Our surveyors all have a technical background so that we can provide you with the correct solutions and ensure a smooth installation thereafter. We have developed our own check list to ensure that all customer requests are logged and taken into account to produce the best design to meet both the need and the budget. A commercial risk assessment in the case of intruder alarm systems is also completed, to highlight various topics such as theft history, potential damage, type of building, existing security and locality.

Choice of products

The products proposed will be quality products from major manufacturers who warranty and support their lines. Clarion will always promote an entry level product from a recognized manufacturer over an overrated cheaper alternative.


A written proposal will be prepared and forwarded for customer review within five working days. We aim at producing a clear document detailing our best recommendations to tackle or prevent security issues.

Large projects

Clarion has experience designing complex security systems, often involving allied trades such as fibre-optic installers or gate manufacturers. Clarion has the in–house expertise to work on and deliver single or multi site projects for clients in differing environments.


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