Clarion Security Systems

Benefits & Risks

The benefits of maintenance with Clarion

Services Benefits
Free loan service of standard equipment for 21 days Maintains system continuity giving you the time to make decisions such as repair or replace faulty components.
Regular and scheduled maintenance visit(s) Ensure reliability of your security system and extends the life of your asset
Unlimited telephone support, 24 hours a day Often eliminates the need for a site visit keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum.
Priority service over non-contractual clients Ensure security levels are maintained on the premises within pre-agreed response times.
Guaranteed response to critical equipment faults Ensure minimum system downtime.
Preferential fixed rates for labour and parts Ensures best value to our clients at all times allowing budgets to be set and adhered to.
Training preferential training rates Allows you to introduce new staff members to the operation of the system and lessens the risk of user error.

The risks if your system is not maintained

Examples of Avoidable Failure Consequences
Back up battery failures Can cause fatal damage to control equipment.
Voltage issues leading to control panel and power supplies failure System becomes out of order.
Dirty covers / dome cameras Poor images resulting in unusable recorded footage.
System not walk-tested Detection failures allowing intruders to break in undetected.
No system back up taken Loss of data leading to PC based systems having to be fully re-programmed.
Environmental changes not noted Overgrown foliage, high stock levels etc blocking movement detectors &/or causing false activations leading to loss of police response.
Changes in operation or layout of site affecting the efficiency of the system Creation of blind spots in detection.
Recording failures on CCTV system No CCTV footage available.


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