Intruder Alarm System

What should your business look for in an Intruder Alarm System?

What should your business look for in an Intruder Alarm System?

An intruder alarm system should incorporate a number of factors to ensure that it is of the right standard for your organisation. Below we take a look at the equipment and services available and the types of systems that will ensure your premises are secured to the highest standard.

Alarm Signalling – Good intruder alarm systems will offer the ability to send signalling to a control centre as and when an alarm is triggered. They will offer a range of signalling tools to allow alarms to be transmitted across IP (internet), GPRS and even provide a backup telephone line should any of the signalling fail. Intruder alarm signalling is crucial to ensuring that responses to triggered alarms are dealt with effectively and ensuring that your site is fully protected and monitored. Signals can be sent directly to your mobile phone, but we would always recommend using an external alarm monitoring station to ensure that the triggered alarms are dealt with in the best way possible.

Alarm Monitoring/response – So you’ve opted to install the signalling, now who will monitor it? It’s all good and well having a triggered alarm signal sent to your phone, but how will you know the extent of the problem instantly? External alarm monitoring signals will urgently respond to triggered alarms, if it is one alarm they will notify you directly, but with one or more activated they will call the police ASAP to make them aware of a potential intruder/threat to the premises. The police will attend to ensure that no intrusion is taking place and make arrests where necessary.

High spec equipment – Understanding the type of system you would like with alarm signalling and external alarm monitoring is just a small part of your intruder alarm system. It’s important to remember the impact that low quality, cheap equipment will have on your overall system, will it cause falsely triggered alarms? Is it likely to break and cost you more money in the long run than a more expensive solution? When it comes to security, the product quality should never be compromised. So ensure your solution is of a high spec to keep your premises secure at all times and have full confidence in your system.

Quality installer – Along with high specification for your intruder alarm system needs, the importance of a quality installer must never be compromised. A bodged job isn’t going to give you the level of security you require. Intruder alarms systems must be installed to guidelines EN50131 to ensure that they are designed to offer the right security specification for your premises. The last thing you would want is a Grade 1 alarm system being installed on your premises that should actually be designed to grade 3 standards. it’s only going to cost you more money in the long run and severely compromise your business/organisation.

Whats next?

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