IP Intercom

Top 5 benefits of an IP Intercom System

Installing an IP intercom system can offer many more features and benefits than you may initially have thought. We’ve compiled our top 5 benefits below…

  1. Flexibility
    When compared to traditional analogue intercom systems, the IP innovation has allowed for the development of an extensive range of intelligent new features. IP intercoms offer an impressive functionality, whereby visitors calls can be re-routed to another line should an individual not be present to allow access to the premises. For example, visitor A uses the intercom call button, in order to speak to Tim in Sales, this rings straight through to Tim’s desk in order for him to let visitor A in. If Tim doesn’t answer within an allotted time period, the system can be programmed to ring through to Dave’s line in Sales and so on and so forth. Or, if you wish, you can set the system up to allow the visitor to leave a voice mail on the line.
  2. Easy Installation
    When compared to basic analogue systems, IP intercom solutions are very easy to install. IP intercom systems operate over your existing IP infrastructure, meaning less cabling, less time spent on site, thus saving on installation costs. This also means much less disruption to the workplace as a whole.
  3. Performance
    Whether you choose to install an audio IP intercom or video IP based intercom, the performance quality that IP systems offer is sure to impress. No longer will you experience crackle on the line, poor sound quality or “block/choppy” pixelated images on your video handset.
  4. Scalability
    One of the biggest benefits of IP intercom systems is the scalability options they bring. Whether your first IP intercom installation requires just one call point or 500 call points, you can easily expand and add to the system as and when your needs/budgets require. Dated analogue systems are often constricted to the amount of call stations they can hold on the system, due to extensive cabling. With IP intercom system your solution is fully futureproof.
  5. Corporate Image
    An IP intercom system is likely to impress and enhance the customer/visitor experience at their first point of contact with your premises. Intercom systems work well in both small and large organisations and those organisations that can expect visitors and customers throughout the day.

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