Preparing for Brexit …

Well, Brexit will affect everyone one way or another. Right now we have to think about Clarion EU employees and ensure Settled Status is obtained.

As per a recent communication from Home Secretary Priti Patel (09/10/19), there have been 2 million applications to the EU Settlement Scheme and 1,500,000 had been granted at the end of September.

To apply employees need to complete three key steps – prove their identity, show that they live in the UK and declare any criminal convictions.

The deadline for this is December 2020 however preparing doesn’t mean leaving it til the last minute so we have taken steps internally to ensure all applications are made by the end of October

As it stands our work force will not be affected and Settled Status has been granted.

On another note, if there is a no deal Brexit, and you are going across to Europe, you will need to check that your passport has 6 months left, your vehicle has a GB sticker, a green card is obtained from your insurance company and you will need to purchase a driving permit from the Post Office…