Not just a CCTV system …

So it’s a given, when thinking about the security of your organisation you will no doubt explore the idea of CCTV and weigh up the advantages of a system for your organisation. The advantages are obvious, deter criminals, capture crime, secure your premises and of course protect your staff along with assets. But there are many other ways in which a CCTV system can help your organisation…

So what else can your CCTV system offer you?

  • Health and safety – Have you ever thought about how CCTV could help resolve health and safety issues in the work place? We get many different reasons for organisations wanting to install a CCTV system, but health and safety issues do arise more than you think. Many organisations such as shopping centres rely on CCTV to solve insurance issues with false claims of trips and falls on the premises following a complaint from a customer. They can easily tap into the CCTV system to view what exactly occurred with the customer, when and where and use the footage accordingly.
  • Employee safety and satisfaction – As an employer you are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of your workers. A CCTV system will allow your employees to feel a sense of security and safety in the workplace knowing the CCTV system is there to capture anything should it occur, but most importantly it is there to deter and potential crime or threats to your organisation. Your employees will feel satisfied that you have installed a solution that is likely to help them feel safer and secure.
  • Traffic control – For those sites with a number of car parks and traffic constantly in and out, you can use CCTV systems with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to log who has been into your site and when they have left. Many public car parks only allow a motorist to park their car for a certain amount of time. Systems with ANPR CCTV can recognise the customer’s number plate as soon as they enter the car park, store the time of entry and then email a notification that a particular car is close to exceeding the time limit on site and then auto generate a ticket when they have fully exceeded their time limit.
    Some car parks use CCTV systems where cameras are installed on barriers as cars enter the car park. This helps solve any disputes, mitigating claims where motorists have tailgated the car in front in an attempt to get through the barrier. The barrier has then closed on the car which has tailgated, causing damage. The capture of this on CCTV provides full proof of the tailgating offence and avoids your organisation being put in a situation where you cannot prove what occurred and whether it was down to barrier malfunction.
  • Machinery faults – When working with warehouses and those that operate complicated machinery to determine product turn around and the whole working of a site, we have installed HD CCTV cameras above machinery to capture machine processes closely. This then means that if there is a problem with a machine, operatives can use the HD CCTV footage to quickly identify the fault or malfunction with the machine. Often, when machines malfunction in these industries, it causes complete disruption to the whole production line, affecting logistics and deliveries to customers. Using a HD CCTV system can streamline processes, save time, staff resource and provides and intelligent way of working.
  • Ofsted guidelines – Schools and such are under strict policies to ensure that they adhere to Ofsted guidelines. Their guidelines state that all schools must ensure that they have a solution in place to ensure their students are safeguarded effectively. CCTV can help support this policy, provide a very safe school for your pupils and we’ve also found following customer feedback it helps solve behavioural and deter bullying issues around school grounds.

If you would like to find out more about how a CCTV system can help your organisation, you can contact us directly on 08442084422 or email us on sales@clarionuk.com where a member of our team will be happy to help.