Is your security system in need of some loving?

The importance of maintaining your electronic security systems should never be underestimated. With Valentine’s day fast approaching and love well and truly in the air, we’ve put together a few hints and tips for you to give your security system a bit of TLC this Valentines.

  1. CCTV – Regularly check of the recordings to ensure that the system is recording as it should be each week, this will also allow you to check functionality of cameras, playbacks and such.
  2. CCTV – Make sure you playback night time recordings once a week to check that any lighting around the site is working as it should be.
  3. Remote Monitored CCTV – Conduct a weekly walk test of the system with the monitoring station to make sure that the system is sending the alarms and images through to the station OK. Check that any PTZ cameras or domes are looking in the correct area when you walk passed the detection – Tip: don’t do this check at 5pm on a Friday unless you want to wait for an engineer to come to site to fix any problems!
  4. Intruder Alarms –  Conduct daily/weekly visual checks to ensure that sensors are not obstructed or that items haven’t been placed in their view that may restrict the detectors ability to pick up an intruder.
  5. Intruder Alarms – Make sure any windows and internal doors are kept closed when the system is armed to reduce false alarms.
  6. Intruder Alarms – Have a site plan handy to show where your intruder devices are so you can quickly identify problems if system does not set.
  7. Access control – Keep a clean database always assign cards/fobs to a person so in the event that they are lost or stolen the can be easily deleted from the system. This will also help when running history reports so that you can see which person is using the system at what time.
  8. Access Control – If any fobs are lost or people leave the company delete them from the system so that the database is always up to date.
  9. Access Control If a particular door doesn’t seem to be locking, inspect door to see if a break glass may have been pushed or anything is restricting the door from closing.

We hope you do find these useful. Following these tips on a regular basis will help keep your system in tip top shape and ensure you get the best possible ROI alongside a professional maintenance contract.

You wouldn’t buy an expensive car and not service it, the same goes for your security, don’t wait until it’s too late, or it will cost you much more £££ in the long run. See what type of maintenance contracts we offer here.

If you would like to find out more about the maintenance services we can offer you, you can read more here, call us on 08442084422 or email where we will be happy to help.