How Our IT Department assist behind the scenes!

The technology behind security systems relies heavily on IT; Clarion has now recruited a second IT administrator who can assist the business operationally but also support our Customers post-installation.

As we have been getting busier, our PRE-BUILD process has become a more and more valuable step; it ensures Quality and maximises efficiency on site. Before the equipment is delivered to our Clients for installation, all is programmed, recorded and tested.

Josh in our IT department says – “Our main aim is to check that everything is secured, ready and working before passing over to the installation team. Within this process we document all serial numbers, install specific software depending on installation, set up switches and cameras, and we try to document everything. This may include UID’s, Serial Numbers, ports, IP’s of all devices, firmware version, licence keys etc.”

Thanks to this upstream process, IT drives quality and capture invaluable information for the future of the systems’ life. Needless to say it also shortens our presence on your premises and allows us to deliver a fully functioning system as swiftly as possible!