Eye-in-the-sky surveillance cameras will be watching over Rio 2016

Naturally, like any Olympic games, security at each and every event area always a huge concern. In order to tackle this, the Rio Olympics will see eye-in-the-sky cameras monitoring the entire city from above.

CCTV cameras that can cover a wide field of view, will be situated on weather balloons and small blimps some 200 meters in the air. The system will be able to monitor some of the biggest venues at Rio 2016 and will be specifically controlled by security personnel from the Ministry of Justice.

Staff will be able to watch the stream from the cameras in real time, and also rewind to look back at up to eight hours of footage. With footage from those cameras, users can even pan and zoom within the recorded images. Each unit comes with 13 cameras and can cover an area of 40 square kilometers (25 square miles) for up to three days.

As many as six users can search through different parts of the footage from each unit at the same time. So if a crisis were to break out in one part of a venue, responders could look through multiple video feeds of different angles of that event.

The system has been designed for a wider-scale surveillance to quickly locate movement and dangerous activity to allow responders to find a site quickly.

Whilst security is always a concern for large scale events, let’s hope for a fun packed, safe and gold medal filled games for team GB!