Commercial Access Control

What are the key benefits of commercial access control?

Commercial access control systems allow organisations to take full control over who has access to their premises and when. The ease of use allows for many administration tasks to be streamlined within the technology and it also creates a safer working environment for staff. Dependent on your needs, commercial access control systems can be used to assist with attendance and punctuality issues with its intelligent reporting functionalities. So what are the key benefits of commercial access control?

  • Control
    An intelligent commercial access control solution will allow users to have full control over who has access to specific areas and when they have access. You can easily use the system to program each specific security token or ID card to distribute access rights for each employee or visitor to your premises. Departmental grouping is also available, where you can assign access rights by department. For example, Jonathon in facilities would never need access to the store where sensitive HR information is stored, the system easily allows you to put these restrictions in place. The good news is that if you have multiple sites, access and visibility can be controlled from one central location.


  • Visibility
    Commercial access control systems provide full reporting functionalities that enable you to view where people have been and exactly when they passed through specific areas and doors. An events screen allows viewing of ‘real time’ events as they are happening. Monitor who is where in a building, if doors have been left propped open or a door been forced. The system can also monitor break glasses, so that if a break glass is activated, doors are not left open for long periods of time. All of these alerts can be sent via email so you are instantly notified. In addition to the ‘live’ information, reports can easily be created from the software. Full audit trail capability by user, department or group allows for this information to be quickly accessed and distributed, should you require it.


  • Security
    Although it may seem obvious, there is no doubt that a commercial access control system will significantly improve the security of your organisation. Leaving doors to be freely accessed into the building and within your premises will put your site at risk, you’re making it easy for potential intruders and criminals to freely access your site and premises. Commercial access control solutions can also help reduce the risk of internal employee theft taking place.


  • Save Money
    Replacing lost keys can be pricey business. Having to replace keys and change locks when keys are misplaced or lost can quickly stack up in price. Using keys to access and secure areas also puts your site at risk, copies of keys can easily be made without you knowing, no matter how well distribution of keys are managed. With access control, if security tokens or ID cards are lost, you can instantly block lost cards and re-distribute new ones where necessary. This avoids ID cards getting into the wrong hands and being abused.


  • Integration
    The good news is that most commercial access control systems can easily be integrated with your existing, in house, third party systems. The software can be integrated with CCTV, Lifts, Print Management, Cashless Catering and Intruder Alarms. The truth is that the flexibility and options for integration are almost endless with the right commercial access control solution. One ID card to control multiple systems.


  • Future Proof
    Return on investment and getting the most for your money is paramount when it comes to upgrading or deploying a new system across your organisation. The intelligent nature of access control solutions means that your investment is futureproofed. Adding additional doors to your building as your needs change is straightforward and cost effective. Add as many doors as you require, as and when your budgets allow.

What’s next?

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