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Our Environment

Clarion has promoted the Ride2Work scheme since 2010, providing our employees with a popular benefit and an incentive to follow a healthier life. Although we could not send our engineers out on a bike, some office based employees have gladly opted for it!

Our carbon foot print was last calculated in March 2011; 140 tonnes of C02, of which 72% was caused by fuel. Our target for improvement is 5% per year and we anticipate this to be feasible as vehicles from our fleet are renewed.

Through a better use of IT, Clarion is concentrating its effort in achieving less wastage. Electronic data storage has become second nature to our team. The vast majority of our clients now accept documentation in electronic format and this also goes for all our suppliers. Recycling opportunities have been explored and all paper, printer cartridges, toners and mobile phones are now recycled as standard. All electronic & IT equipment is disposed of in the appropriate manner, through our appointed waste carrier.

By analysing the number of journeys made by our operational management teams, total miles covered and purpose of travel we have managed to offset the number of journeys made between offices for internal and customer meetings. In addition our customer service managers are strategically positioned across the UK to ensure minimum travel time and increased efficiency of all site visits. We have signed up with an audio and video conferencing provider to keep face-to-face internal meetings to a minimum – resulting not only in a reduction of our carbon impact, but also saving a lot of unnecessary travel time.


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