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Apprentices at Clarion…

At Clarion we firmly believe in the future of both our employees and customers.

It’s important to us that we invest in people we know can make a real difference to the service we provide for our customers. That’s why in 2014 we took the decision to recruit five apprentices. Our Apprentices are studying electronics at college and are being trained by our senior engineers on a daily basis. We also have an administration apprentice, who is currently being trained in house by our Office Manager.

Allowing our Apprentices to work directly on our customers’ specific projects, gives them the chance to develop quicker and understand the detail and level of service we provide.

The progress of our apprentice engineers is closely monitored by our Installation Manager. Our senior engineers provide weekly feedback on their progression; so that we can identify areas to help our apprentices develop and get the best out of their training with us to become experts in their field.

As their progress is monitored, it gives our Apprentices the opportunity to ask for any extra training in order for them to further develop their skill set. This way, they can get the most out of the expertise of our work force and really begin to develop their knowledge and understanding further.

The Apprentice initiative has been well received by our customers. All customers have welcomed the less experienced apprentices and allowed them to develop their skill set by working directly on their premises alongside our current engineers. We’d like to thank you for indirectly participating in developing young people into a qualified workforce, not only will this ensure our great service will continue, but you have helped built a career path for the young people of Greater Manchester.


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